Monday, June 27, 2022

Hell Rell & Top Gunnas - Us Never Them

01 - Hell Rell - Dummin Out
02 - Hell Rell - Just Ryhmes No Hook
03 - G Five Cash Hell Rell - Bang Bang Musik
04 - Hell Rell Cash - My Nigga Cash
05 - Gutt Buckz Hell Rell - Ct Connection
06 - Cash G Five Cheedar Buckz - Going In
07 - G Five Hell Rell - Dreaming
08 - Hell Rell - Looking For This $$$ AKA Find Your Love Freestyle
09 - Jr Writer Hell Rell - Go Cinderella (Remix)
10 - Hell Rell - Real Nigga Nation
11 - Hell Rell - Sellin Kane
12 - Cash Hell Rell G Five - From The Bronx
13 - Hell Rell - Plenty Gangstas
14 - Goonberg Jus 20 Cash - Round Table
15 - Hell Rell Pirana Gang - Who Fuckin With Us
16 - Hell Rell Cash - Shout Out

Penz - Fit for the Grind

 01 - Stunt Hard feat. Drake 
02 - Freestyle Live 2010 feat Ali 
03 - What U Smoking On feat. BluesBros 
04 - PLENTY MONEY freestyle 
05 - Double9Forever freestyle 
06 - How Many Know feat. Ernie Ganies 
07 - 1st i put my shoes on 
08 - Aura Loves Me 
09 - get crunked freestyle 
10 - DYNASTY freestyle 
11 - AuraGammi feat Base and Luck lotto 
12 - 100 Dolla Billz 
13 - back to the crib freestyle 2010 
14 - H.I.T.M 15 - Do The Mike Jack feat. HBH,Base,Leader of K.A.R 
16 - Pull it feat Horror Man Goodz #2 
17 - empire state of mind freestyle feat. K1 
18 - crank that freestyle 
19 - Drinking Henney feat. Young B 
20 - Dont U Know 
21 - Come Home With Me Freestyle feat. Dior Dub 
22 - Dipset AuraGang feat. Camron

Tom Gist - Lost Verses: Volume 1

01.DJ Sweetz Intro 
02.The Cleaners 
03.RIP Pun 
04.Taj Mahal Freestyle 
05.Not to Be Fooled 
06.Escape Misery 
07.Fort Knox Freestyle 
08.Back Up 
09.TomGist.Com Freestyle
10.Still Spittin 
11.Why You Ain't Call Me 
12.Your Not Gist 
13.Early Lite Ent Freestyle 
14.Gunz Come Out Freestyle 
15.Mike Hustle Freestyle 
16.Conversations w/the Dead 
17.DJ Clever Freestyle 
18.DJ Fetti Freestyle 
19.The Phenom 
20.Cash Stacking in Manhattan

Tom Gist - Gistmatic

Wow this came outta nowhere. It's crazy hot. If you haven't been following the Gist then now is the time to hop on board. Be on the lookout for the rest of his original mixtape Trilogy Chapters coming soon. Pt 1 is coming Tuesday while Pt 3 is coming in a couple weeks. 

01.The Genesis 
02.NY State of Mind 
03.Life's a Bitch (feat. Cam'Ron) 
04.The World is Yours 
06.Memory Lane 
07.One Love 
08.One Time For Your Mind 
10.It Ain't Hard to Tell

Tom Gist - Gistology

Y'all have been begging me for this forever. I had to get word from Gist before posting it though. Here is a EAC of his Gistology mixtape. Included are scans and a ripping log. This is one of Gist's strongest projects yet. He really shows a ton of progression on this one.

01.Up Against The World Intro (Prod. By Tom Gist)
03.Gettin By
04.Extra Grams
05.Waiting For Superman (Prod. By Mu Of Birds To Beats Music)
07.Been Here B4 (Prod. By Mu Of Birds To Beats Music)
08.Bubble (Prod. By Mike Spitz Of Equalyzas)
09.Buggin (Prod. By Dj Of So Real Records)
10.Sweet 16 (Prod. By Tom Gist)
11.Guitar Skit
12.Celebrate (Prod. By E Dot Beats)
13.What The Streets Made Me (Feat. A-Mafia)

Tom Gist - TGIF

Datpiff cut out two tracks because they thought they were the originals. My link has both the missing tracks included. I also went ahead and tagged it for you.

01.Rain (prod. by Dee-Lockit)
02.It Ain't Easy (prod. by Jeffery Barnett)
03.Jesus Walks Freestyle
04.Angels Around Me (prod. by BirdstoBeats Musik)
05.Big Drew Shoutout
06.Spit Yo Shit
07.Spittin Here (prod. by Pyrex)
08.How We Rock ft. A-Clay (prod. by P-Nice)
09.The White One ft. Vertical Jones
10.Bar None (prod. by BirdstoBeats Musik)
11.Everything ft. Fred Money (prod. by A-Million)
12.Born to Roll ft. St. Laz
13.Might Have 2
15.So What

Tom Gist - Fly N Frustrated

Shoutout to ThatDude for posting the link. This is honestly the hottest Gist tape I ever heard.
 1.Cheers skit 
 2.Frustrated intro 
 3.Starts Now 
 4.Sugar Hill Skit 
 7.If this aint pimpin 
 8.Came Back 
 11.No Next Time 
 14.I Found Luv 
 16.Where U Are 
 19.Bang Along Freestyle 
 20.Exhibit C 
 21.Thank You

Tom Gist - Chapter III: Get the Gist

Here's the final volume of the Dipset Affiliate Tom Gist. Chapter 3: Get the Gist is probably the realest in the series. He starts off rapping over Nas' "Get Down" beat and lets y'all know how hungry he is. This continues throughout the tape. Other beats Gist blesses are: "Hood Hop," "Bitches aint Shit," "99 Problems," "Got it Twisted," "Hip Hop," and "Purple Punch." You shouldn't sleep on this piff!
 01. Intro To Me 
02. Another Intro 
03. Simplicity 
04. Hot Boy 
05. Drama 
06. 2 Many Bars 
07. 900 Rounds 
08. Confusion 
09. Hold On 
10. Babygirl 
11. Don't Stabb Her 
12. If 
13. Hood To Hood 
14. I Don't Wanna Know 
15. Who Fucking With Me 
16. Outro

Tom Gist - Chapter II: Thinking Out Loud

Someone asked for a re-up so here you go. Huge huge props to D in the chatbox. I converted those high quality m4a's to mp3's for us folks who want the MP3s. If anyone has the real cover hook it up. All I could find was a tiny ass thumbnail. Gist's official site is down at the moment.

01 - Tom Gist - Intro
02 - Tom Gist - Thinking Out Loud
03 - Tom Gist - Why Not
04 - Tom Gist - I Write
05 - Tom Gist - Music
06 - Tom Gist - Where Were You
07 - Tom Gist - Bad Day
08 - Tom Gist - Aint Nothing
09 - Tom Gist - Freestyle
10 - Tom Gist - Fuck Around
11 - Tom Gist - One Wish
12 - Tom Gist - The Visit
13 - Tom Gist - Firestarters

Tom Gist - Chapter 1: Street Stories

Tom Gist has always been one of the realest artists ever affiliated with the Dips. He recently put out 2 dope mixtapes with his Gistology and Gistmatic mixtapes. The holy grail of Tom Gist lies in his original mixtapes though. Hard as hell to find on the net here is the first installment of the Tom Gist Chapters. Check out Part II here courtesy of D. Part 3 will be released next Tuesday.
 02.Y'all Know What I Mean 
 03.DJ Sickamore Freestyle 
 04.I Got Bars Freestyle 
 05.Ant Man 
 06.Stab You Shoot You 
 07.Whats The Deal 
 08.Somebodys Girl Freestyle
 09.Always Talkin Shit 
10.Watcher Freestyle