Monday, October 31, 2011

Jim Jones - Vampire Life

Here is some brand new Jim Jones for y'all! I'm working on uploading my own link but until then use the one I provided.

Download Mixtape Here

01.No VMA's (Feat Sen City)
02.Genocide (feat. Sen City)
03.Grand Slam (Feat Sen City & 2 Chainz)
04.Riding On Empty (Feat Mel Matrix & Sen City)
05.Get Low (Freestyle)
06.So Athletic (Feat Maino)
07.Millionarie's Wife (Feat Sen City)
08.Play Your Part (Feat Chase)
09.Letter To The Game (Feat Sen City)
10.I Got Now (Feat Young Swift)
11.Once Upon A Time (Feat Yo Gotti)
12.Ganstas Don't Die (Feat Chris Luck & Sen City)
13.The Untouchables (Chase & Shoota)
14.Kill or Be Killed (Feat Kingpin Slim & Lady H)
15.Vampire Music (Feat Mel Matrix & Sen City)
16.I Like (Feat Young Swift)
17.Annie Mae (Feat T.W.O)
18.Scream (Feat Sen City & Logic)
19.Psycho (Feat JR Writer & Sen City)
20.Till Sunrise (Feat Chink Santana)
21.I'll Be Back (Feat Meek Mill & Fred Da Godson)
22.Word 2 My Muva (Feat Chubbie Baby, Meek Mill, Future)
23.Goin' Thru It (Feat Jadakiss)
24.JB (Freestyle)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

J.R. Writer - Reloaded/Real Life (feat. Don P)

Some dude requested a J.R. Writer song with a Queen sample. There's actually 2 of them to my knowledge. Here they are. This is off that Ethiopian mixtape that DaDopeSpot put together back in the day. I'm holding out on posting that till Christmas. Gotta have something to put under your stockings ya digg?


Real Life (feat. Don P)

Fred Money - Otis

Vado - Okay Y'all (ft. Fabolous)

Produced by AraabMuzik, Slime Flu 2 coming soon!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

America's Most Hated Mixtape

Vado, Jae Millz, Charlie Clips & more...No DJ, plays like an album. This is a future classic.

Download Mixtape Here

1.AMH (Vado, SHow TuFli, Charlie Clips, Ceezo & Jae Millz)
2.Darkness (Vado, Al-Doe, & C Nellz)
3.Hustlin (SHow TuFli, Charlie Clips, & Jae Millz)
4.Presidential Rolex (Vado, C Nellz, & Jae Millz)
5.Mafia (Ceezo & Al-Doe)
6.Tale (SHow TuFli)
7.Samples (C Nellz, Charlie Clips, Al-Doe, & Ceezo)
8.Start Spittin (Ceezo & SHow TuFli)
9.Killin’ Tha Night (SHow TuFli & Jae Millz)
10.Faded (Al-Doe, SHow TuFli, & Charlie Clips)
11.Rico Law (C Nellz & Vado)
12.Cool Calm Collected (SHow TuFli, Ron Miz, & Ceezo)
13.Always On (Vado)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mel Matrix - Matrix Reloaded

Download Mixtape Here

01.G Check (feat Hyneif)
02.Pull Triggas
03.Bad Aim (feat Sen City)
04.Byrdgang Bricksquad (feat Frenchie)
05.Cant Be Found (feat Rah Murda & Vex)
06.Drive By Music (feat Waka Flocka & Chink Santana)
07.Ima Boss
08.Heads Ringing (feat Hardluck & Sandman)
09.John Freestyle (feat Jim Jones & Kingpen Slim)
10.Really Tho (feat Shoota)
11.Streets Is Watching
12.Novacane (feat Sen City & Sandman)
13.Whistle (feat Rah Murda & T Stacks)
14.We Get It Poppin (feat. Camron & Rah Murda)
15.Ryda Muzik (feat Jim Jones & Vex)
16.Standing (feat Shoota, J.R. Writer & Rell)
17.Real Right (feat Sandman & Rah Murda)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mel Matrix - We Get it Poppin (feat. Cam'Ron & Rah Murda)

Off that new Matrix Reloaded tape dropping later today.