Monday, March 17, 2014

JR Writer - Prove It

JR Writer - The Stash

Download Mixtape Here

1.Action (Intro)
2.Winner's Section
4.The Great One's Back
7.It's Over, Pt. 3
8.In the Way
9.Yes Man

JR Writer - Return of Greatness

WB6 coming soon. What else you suckaz need? I might be able to hit y'all with some reups.

Download Mixtape Here

1. Intro (Prod. By SpecX2)
2. I Got Em (Prod. By Butter Beats DBK)
3. We Work Feat. Hell Rell & Razah (Prod. By SpecX2)
4. Real Ones (Prod. By Butter Beats DBK)
5. Life In The City Feat. Styles P & Vado (Prod. By Butter Beats DBK)
6. Day 1
7. El Chapo (Prod. By Automatik Beatz)
8. I Love You (Prod. By Track Officialz)
9. Riding High Feat. Fat Trel & Fred Money
10. Key To Life (Prod. By Butter Beats DBK & Stoopid On The Beat)
11. Welcome To Greatness (Prod. By SpecX2)
12. Get Away (Prod. By Myles William & Stats For ATM)
13. Microphone Checka (Prod. By SpecX2)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cam'Ron & Vado - U.N. Lost Files Vol. 2

Sorry for the wait. Was waiting for the remaining 15 tracks to drop. As it stands they only ended up dropping about 12 more. I added a couple of bonuses to make up for the wait. As always this is iPod ready and fully tagged.

Download Mixtape Here | Zippyshare Link

01.In the Jungle (Cam'Ron feat. T.I.)
02.After the Paper (feat. Sen City)
03.Ain't Gonna Happen
04.Harlem (Vado)
05.What Lies Beneath (Vado)
06.Women's Threats (Vado)
07.Go Uptown
09.You Oughta Know II
10.WE Out Chyea (Vado)
11.Off Hiatus (Vado)
12.60 Racks [Rmx] (Jim Jones ft. Lil Wayne & Cam'Ron)
13.Diced Pineapples (Vado)
14.Burn (Vado)
15.Till My Enemies Crumble (A-Mafia feat. Cam'Ron)
16.Red Bone Yellow Bitch (Hardluck ft. Cam'Ron & Future)
17.Sound Boy (Busta Rhymes feat. Cam'Ron)
18.He's A Killer (J.R. Writer)

Cam'Ron & Vado - U.N. Files Vol. 1

Bumping this to the top as volume 2 is coming within the hour. Exclusive. Look forward to Vol. 2 out now. Followed by Return of Killa 4 later this summer.

Download Mixtape Here

 01.Titty Attack & Tears (Cam'Ron)
02.Love My Life (Cam'Ron)
 03.Murder 1 (Cam'Ron)
04.Higher Baby
05.Badman (Vado)
06.Ohh Baby
07.Money Money Money (feat. Sen City)
 08.My Side of Town (Cam'Ron)
09.Bricks (Vado)
10.Sweet Thang (feat. Sky-Lyn)
11.Where the Mali At?
12.One Time (Vado)
15.Slimes At (Vado)
16.What Dat Mouth Do (Vado) [Bonus]
17.Fuck You 2K12 (Cam'Ron) [Bonus]