Monday, July 10, 2023

Su Da Boss - Bossed Up Swagged Up

01 - Su Da Boss - Swagged Up Intro
02 - Su Da Boss - Bossed Up
03 - Su Da Boss - I Dont Give a Fuck
04 - Su Da Boss - Hot Wheels
05 - Su Da Boss - Pushin Buttons - feat. Young A
06 - Su Da Boss - So Fresh, So Fly - feat. 40 Cal
07 - Su Da Boss - Whack Music Interlude
08 - Su Da Boss - Boss Paper
09 - Su Da Boss - Know About That $
10 - Su Da Boss - Mc' donlads On'er Hat
11 - Su Da Boss - Boss of NY
12 - Su Da Boss - Where the Drugs Dancin on em
13 - Su Da Boss - Someone Like You
14 - Su Da Boss - I Got Mine - feat. RodmanHot
15 - Su Da Boss - Cheers - feat 40 Cal
16 - Su Da Boss - Im Fly

Monday, July 3, 2023

Cam'Ron - Killa Season 1.5

Here is that Killa Season 1.5. It’s a cd of all the songs that didn’t make the cd. I know that “Keep Runnin” is a mix and that the “Purple Punch freestyle” is pretty old but I could care less because they fit in really good on this cd. Most of these songs are free of DJ’s. If any DJs on songs they don’t ruin it. I made sure before making this. I lost "IBS (Original)" It's also known as "Anyway You Want It." If someone could send that to me it would be nice.

1.Get Em Daddy feat. Hell Rell
2.Its Nothing
3.Your Girl (Remix)
4.Do Your Thing (feat. Nicole Wray)
5.Blew out His Brains (Original) feat. Hell Rell
7.Bird Call (Remix)
8.Ill See You In Your Dreams
9.Purple Punch Freestyle
10.Oh What a Night
11.Touch it or Not (Original) feat. Webbie
12.Fly Boyz feat. Jim Jones
13.Something New (Original) feat. Jaheim
14.Story to Tell feat. Jim Jones & Jaheim
15.Keep Runnin’ feat. Fabolous and Beanie Seigal
16.Hey Ma Part 3 feat. Juelz Santana
17.My Jelousy
18.Story to Tell (Remix)

Blitz McBain - McBain Campaign 2

01.MC2 Renegade Intro (Feat. JR Writer)
03.Haters Wanna Get Me (Feat. Kwiz The Wizard)
04.I Been On Feat. (JR Writer & Liason)
05.The Come Up (Feat. Tom Gist)
06.Bout My Paper (Feat. A.I.)
07.Losing My Mind
08.Remember Me
09.Alone Feat. WrongGuys
10.Drop (Feat. JR Writer)
11.JetLag So High (Feat. Hard Luck)
12.Cut Em Off (Feat. Mitch Littlez)
13.On The Side (Feat. Sam Suave)
15.Love Me

Blitz McBain & Cliff Po - Boomerang Muzik 2

01 - Blitz Mcbain - I Been On (Feat. J.R. Writer)
02 - Cliff Po - The Agenda Feat Cliff Po
03 - Blitz Mcbain - Jesus Peice
04 - Cliff Po - Fly Shit
05 - Cliff Po - Black And Purple
06 - Blitz Mcbain - Call Me
07 - Cliff Po - Thowed Remix (Feat. Jay Mack)
08 - Blitz Mcbain - Old School Swag
09 - Cliff Po - Nick Jr
10 - Blitz Mcbain - Just Can't Handle It (Feat. Hi-Five)
11 - Cliff Po - Drippin (Feat. Hook Starz)
12 - Cliff Po - Cliff Po - Billion Dollar Pussy (Ft. Deville & Jr Dot)
13 - Blitz Mcbain - Push It
14 - Blitz Mcbain - My Eyez (Feat. Tom Gist & Penz)
15 - Cliff Po - Hey Lil Mama
16 - Blitz Mcbain - Blitz & Fred (Feat. Fred Money)

Blitz McBain & Cliff Po - Boomerang Muzik 1

1.Boomerang Intro Ft Blitz McBain
2.Cliff Po – Deadly Force (Prod. By Chemist)
3.Blitz McBain Cliff Po – Money
4.Cliff Po ft. Redikalus – Grind For The Money
5.Blitz McBain ft Young Elz, Tru L – Next Generation
6.Franchise Liason Drop
7.Blitz MBain – O Lets Do It
8.Cliff Po – BMF (Blowin Money Fast)
9.Blitz McBain -Check me out
10.Interlude Ft Cliff Po
11.Blitz McBain ft Bruno Mars – Nothin on u
12.Cliff Po Ft. Deville JR Dot – Billion Dollar Pussy
13.Cliff Po – Soul Clap
14.Blitz McBain – Dreamin
15.Marvin Gaye Skit
16.Blitz McBain ft Janet Jackson – Anytime Anyplace
17.CliFF Po – Sex Therapy (Produced by. G-Money)
18.Fanchise Liason Drop 2
19.Cliff Po – Motley Crue
20.Lino Cordova – drop 1
21.Lino Cordova ft Blitz McBain – We Here Today
22.Cliff Po ft Hook Starz – Drippin’ (Prod. By Vybe Beatz)
23.Lino Cordova – drop 2
24.Blitz McBain – Press Conference (Outro)
25.Cliff Po Harmony – As Freeky As She Wanna B
26.Bonus Track – Blitz McBain ft JR Writer I Been On