Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cam'ron - Baby, Baby, Baby (Remix) ft. Ma$e & Foxy Brown

Pretty hard to find Cam'ron feature for everyone. Featuring his old harlem buddy Ma$e and Foxy Brown.

Dipset - Diplomatic Immunity 3 (Bootleg)-2004

An extra big shoutout to the homie, SolDieR2k, for hookin ALL of us up!

Download Mixtape Here

01.Ya'll Ain't Really Ready
02.It's Ugly
03.Get Retarded
05.Certified Gangstas (Remix)
07.Family Ties (Og Solo Version)
08.Another Story
09.Harlem Blues
10.Your Way
11.It's All Over

Jim Jones - Getting to the Money

Off the Capo album, due out April 5th.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cam'Ron & Vado - Girls Cry [Single]

This is honestly one of the best Cam songs to come out since Killa Season. Love the production.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jim Jones - Perfect Day (ft. Chink Santana & Logic)

J.R. Writer- Cold As Ice

JustDipSet.Com Exclusive

Download Single Here

Tom Gist- Dedication To Harlem

Throwback!! Tom Gist On His Dedication To Harlem Track

Download Single Here

"Affiliated And I Fuck With the Crew And You Only Herd Me One Time On Byrd Gang Volume 2"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tom Gist - Extra Grams

Straight off that Gistology tape available for order it here.

Cam'Ron - Ohhhh [Mastered]

Apparently this version is mastered with Adlibs from Jim Jones and Vado? Please explain why we have adlibs by these 2 rappers but no verses. :Dead:

Monday, March 14, 2011

A-Mafia- Don't Get It Twisted

Download Single Here

N.O.E. Deal Or Noe Deal

Download Mixtape Here

1.NOE - Intro
2.NOE - Rock A Bye Ft. Si-Notes and Sandman
3.NOE - Pop Off Ft. Jim Jones and Mel Matrix
4.NOE - Street Hustlin
5.NOE - For Starters feat Si-Notes and Chalie Bo
6.NOE - Fired Up (Produced by Backpack)
7.NOE - Walk Like A Man freestyle
8.NOE - Swagger From Us Ft. Lil Wayne, Jim Jones & Twista
10.NOE - Rain or Shine (Produced by Soze)
11.NOE - We Are Hustlers
12.NOE - She So Gangsta Ft. Chink Santana
13.NOE - Moonlite
14.NOE - Who Am I
15.NOE - Blaze Up (Produced by Uncle Ruck)
16.NOE - Supastar (Produced by Supasonics)
17.NOE - Snitches
18.NOE - 92 Freestyle

Sunday, March 13, 2011

[THROWBACK]Cam'ron - Move 'Em In, Move 'Em Out (ft. Cardan & Charli Baltimore)[CLASSIC]

Heres some more RARE THROWBACK killa cam for yall. This is pretty hard to find actually. Features from Cam's old buddies Cardan & Charli Baltimore......

Purple City Presents- The Need For Weed

Download Mixtape Here

01. The Need (Intro)
02. Drama To The Streets
03. My Boo (Remix)
04. Hard Life (It Ain't Easy)
05. My Block
06. Everywhere
07. Mickey Deez
08. Freestyle
09. The Purchase Pt. 1
10. Oh Girl
11. Purple Freestyle
12. Bounce
13. Put It In Reverse
14. The Struggle
15. The Purchase Pt. 2 (Skit)
16. Piff With Me
17. Dope Man
18. Let's Rumble
19. The Hill That's Real
20. Baby
21. Latenight
22. I Don't Want It
23. Byrd Gang (We All Here)
24. Road To The Riches

Friday, March 11, 2011

Vado - Massacre On Madison (Remix) ft. Fat Joe

New Vado feature on Fat Joe new track "Massacre On Madison"

Cam'ron - Throw It In The Air (ft. Sen)

Some new killa! Sen on the hook!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dipset & Trackdealaz - DiploDealaz

Download Mixtape Here

01. Trakdealaz - Intro
02. J.R Writer - Do My Do
03. 40 Cal. - Shooterz
04. Bezel - Back 2 Da Money
05. Hell Rell - The Ruga Show
06. J.R Writer - Going In
07. Prospect Penz - Hello
08. Tito Green ft. Jetlag Ash - On The Grind
09. Hardluck ft. Jim Jones & Mel Matrix - Goonie Goon Goon
10. Trakdealaz - Interlude
11. Uncle Murda ft. French Montana & Max B - Whole In A Nigga
12. Un Kasa ft. John Depp & Juelz Santana - Fire
13. J.R Writer - Cinecrack
14. Hell Rell - Get In Line Or Get Lined Up
15. 40 Cal. - Armed & Dangerous
16. Fred Money ft. O' Cooks - Over Here
17. Tito Green - Break It Down
18. J.R Writer - Fight Musik
19. Prospect Penz - Man Enough
20. Trakdealaz - Outro

Max B - Million Dollar Baby 2.5 (Da Appetizer)

Download Mixtape Here

1. Intro (Band Lip Singin')
2. She Touched It (feat. AL Pac) Jim Jones Chrissy Diss
3. Interlude (G-Unit)
4. Sunami (feat. AL Pac) Jim Jones Chrissy Diss
5. Hole In A Nigga (feat. Uncle Murda, Frenchy, & 50 Cent)
6. Chronic Freestyle (feat. AL Pac)
7. No Questions
8. Money Bag (Interlude)
9. Max B. Shit (2003 Freestyle)
10.The Real Blasphemy (feat. Stack Bundles - R.I.P)
11. These Streets [Prod By: Doc Ish]
12.The Cannon (feat. AL Pac) [Prod. By: Dame Grease]
13.We Bout Our Stacks [Prod By:]
14. I Like
15. Who's Al Pac??? (Interlude)
16. We Gain Greene (feat. AL Pac)
17. Frankie (Freestyle) Throwback
18. Cold World (feat. Bobby Valentino & Messiah Supplier)
19. Shout Out (Interlude)
20. See Me Style
21. White As Snow (Grand Cru Anthem For '08)
22. My Life (AL Pac Exclusive)
23. Gain Greene (Outro)
24. Won't Go Far (feat AL Pac, & Frenchy)
25. That Nigga (feat. Klass Murda, & Rob Lebron)
26. Pop Me Up Again

Monday, March 7, 2011

[RARE]Cam'ron - Come Talk To Me[THROWBACK]

This is a SUPER RARE Cam'ron track from the S.D.E era. I'm pretty sure most people have never heard of it. Interesting concept to. Killa Cam vs Cam'ron hahaha

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vado & Cam'Ron- Slime Pays

Download Mixtape Here

01.camron and vado-headbanger [04:05]
02.camron and vado-dont stop [03:33]
03.camron and vado-sour life [04:00]
04.camron and vado-boss mobbin [05:02]
05.camron and vado-hands down [03:29]
06.camron and vado-all for me [05:10]
07.camron and vado-its you [04:55]
08.camron and vado-christmas in harlem [06:47]
09.camron and vado-keep it poppin [03:49]
10.camron and vado-im about cream [03:58]
11.camron and vado-movado [04:30]
12.camron and vado-goodfellas [04:25]
13.camron and vado-go cinderella [04:23]
14.camron and vado-fairytale [04:15]
15.camron and vado-spread my wings [03:42]
16.camron and vado-huddy 6 tribute [04:22]
17.camron and vado-gretzky [04:30]
18.camron and vado-you gotta love [08:04]
19.dipset-take em to church [04:14]

Saturday, March 5, 2011

[RARE]Cam'ron & Juelz Santana - Y'all Know What I Want[Throwback]

J.R. Writer- Nuclear Warheads (Feat. Hell Rell)

Download Mp3 Here

J.R. Writer- Body Count

Download Mixtape Here

01.intro a boss ft. hell rell
03.head banger
04.exclusive unreleased freestyle
05.ill bury you ft. hell rell kept secret guns ft 40 cal
08.grind go in ft. roco and prophit
10.i been on ft. blitz mcbain and liason the fucking man ft. milli millz jay bezel 40 cal
12.karate kid ft. hell rell
13.warhead be going down ft. jag and loreal already here
16.check me out ft. soldiers of fortune legend ft. big bang
18.gun muzik ft. charlie clips down here ft. jag
20.good morning ft. ron browz
21.cheese n crackers remix ft. ron browz
22.stop-n-go ft. camron
23.fuck ya squad (hustle hard remix)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A-Mafia - Under Pressure [Produced by Lex Luger]

Some new A-Mafia. That is his new mixtape cover aswell. "What The Streets Made Me" coming soon!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Un Kasa- Winning (Feat. Bathgate)

Shouts Out To Dipset's Newest Memeber Charlie Sheen AKA (MR. "Winning") This Gotta Be His Theme Music To Life! JUSTDIPSET WE #Winning

Download Charlie Sheen's Favorite Song

Purple City - Swagger Development

Actually, this is what you would call a real hidden gem. A young Smoke DZA, the criminally underrated Numbers (love his voice, no homo), and even a Murda Mook feature, all over some nasty beats. The Dipset rabbit hole goes deep yo...!

Download Mixtape Here