Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Roc Dukati - How Ya Living (ft. Vado & Cam'Ron )

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Cam'Ron - Soul Plane (feat. Vado)/ Welcome

I think it's safe to say that Vado has finally found his niche. I wasn't feeling him too much at first but he started to grow on me as soon as BOAB 2 and 2.5 dropped.

Roc Dukati - How Ya Living (ft. Vado & Cam'Ron )

Dipset Reunion on Angie Martinez

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A-Mafia - In My Own World

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01.Street Soldiers
02.A-Mafia or Die
03.Run These Streets
04.Roll it Up
05.Children of the Corn
06.Million Dollar Plans
08.You in the Way
09.Hustlin Vet
10.Big Cat
11.Switch My Flow Up
12.Mafia Ties (feat. BigFaceHead)
13.Live and Let Die
14.Flying Cars

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jim Jones- The Capo Chronicles

Download Mixtape Here

01.toast ft. camron [04:05]
02.slow down ft. mel matrix [03:04]
03.light up ft. sandman [04:27]
04.summertime babby [03:22]
05.we bout that ft. grafh [02:10]
06.who cares [03:20]
07.i use it ft. mel matrix [03:46]
08.salute ft. camron and juelz santana [03:44]
09.wishing on a star ft. rev run [03:20]
10.down in my city ft. nicki minaj [02:28]
11.get high 2010 [01:41]
12.ball ft. dj khaled [02:48] out ft. camron and dj self [02:30]
14.cooler than me [02:33] gottabody ft. freeky zeeky [03:10]
16.once was a kid [01:45]

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cam'Ron - Disset

Here is JustDipset's first official mixtape. Shock and me worked on this all night. It features ALL of Cam's disses to various rappers. There's even a couple rare joints on here like "You Must Not Know" and the "Dynasty Freestyle." Shoutout to Miss Hello Kitty on the intro.

Download Mixtape Here

01 - Cam'ron - Intro
02 - Cam'ron - You Gotta Love It (Original) [Jay-Z Diss]
03 - Cam'ron - Wet Wipes [Jay-Z Diss]
04 - Cam'ron - Going Down [Jay-Z Diss]
05 - Cam'ron - Curtis [50 Cent Diss]
06 - Cam'ron - Child Of The Ghetto [50 Cent Diss]
07 - Cam'ron - Hate Me Now [Nas Diss]
08 - Cam'ron - Show You How To Do This [Nas Diss]
09 - Cam'ron - You Must Not Know [Jay-Z Diss]
10 - Cam'ron - Dynasty Freestyle [Dissin Jay-Z]
11 - Cam'ron - Bigger Picture (Feat. Juelz Santana) [Jay-Z Diss]
12 - Cam'ron - Stan [Stan Spit Diss]
13 - Cam'ron - I Can't Stand It (Feat. Freaky Zeeky) [Stan Spit Diss]
14 - Cam'ron - Take Em To Church (Ft. Juelz Santana) [Mase Diss]
15 - Cam'ron - Dead The Funeral [Jay-Z & 50 Cent Diss]
16 - Cam'ron - Owe Me (Oh No You Didn't!) [Jim And Juelz Diss]
17 - Cam'ron - Toast (Feat. Jim Jones) [Kanye West Diss]
18 - Cam'ron - Curve [Dissin The Bitches]
19 - Cam'ron - Bezel Up [Jay Bezel Diss]
20 - Cam'ron - Stop It Slime [Dissin The Slimes]
21 - Cam'ron - I Don't Believe You N!ggaz [Dissing Diptypes]
22 - Cam'ron - Outro

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cam'Ron & Jim Jones - Toast

Wowwww. Cam and Jim really got at Ye over the "Runaway" beat. This shit is extra nice. Makes me really hopeful for the dipset reunion. Anyone else wish Max was on the chorus?

Download Single Here

A-Mafia - Street Scholars

Jim Jones - Legends

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hell Rell - It Aint Me

Hell Rell - Karate Kid (feat. J.R. Writer)

Vado - Ain't A Thang To Me (prod. by AraabMuzik)

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Vado - Slime Pays

Download Mixtape Here

01. DJ Lust Slime Pays Intro
02. No Days Off
03. Honor Amongst Thieves
04. We All Up In Here Ft. Cam'ron
05. Salute Remix Ft. The Diplomats
06. Rubber Band Stacks Ft. Cam'ron
07. Polo
08. Murda Murda
09. Like Shiiiit Ft. Cam'ron
10. How I Move
11. Slime Pays Ft. Platinum P
12. Slime Time
13. The Hustle
14. Say Slime
15. Lose My Mind Ft. Maino
16. Go Hard FT. Cassidy
17. Jackin 4 Beatz Freestyle
18. Got Em
19. 10 Swag Commandments
20. Speaking In Tongues Ft. Cam'ron
21. Hard In The Paint
22. Heat In Here
23. Don't Believe Niggas Ft. Cam'ron & Fabolous
24. Large In The Streets
25. Kick In The Door
26. Stop It Slime Ft. Cam'ron
27. Our Block Ft. Cam'ron
28. Brick Breaker
29. Hustlin OT

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cam’Ron & Vado– Polo Sport Mixtape

Download Mixtape Here

01 -Troop
02 -Polo
03 -Usually Do
04 -Salute
05 -We All Up In Here
06 -So Crazy ft Fred The Godson & Waka Flocka
07 -Rose Red ft T.I. & Rick Ross
08 -Hard In The Paint Freestyle
09 -Body Bag Remix
10 -Yo Momma On Ya ft Jim Jones & Snoop Dogg
11 -Some 4 Ur Face ft 40 Cal
12 -Kilo ft Fat Joe & Clipse
13 -Got Me Fucked Up ft Yo Gotti
14 -Ayoo ft Young Dro
15 -Rubberband Stacks ft Busta Rhymes
16 -Pandemonium ft A-Mafia
17 -I Don’t Believe *****s ft Fabolous
18 -Fuck The Other Side
19 -The Morning After
20 -Throw It Up
21 -Like Shit
22 -Butta
23 -You’re Killin’ Me ft Kid Cudi

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cam'Ron- Spread My Wings (Feat. Vado) [NO DJ]

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Araabmuzik- Araabmuzik Beats Vol. 1 -2010-

Download Here

01. All U Zombeez
02. Chemist
03. Chemist 2
04. Club Bonuce
05. Fedtime
06. Fire
07. Foolish Pride
08. Git It Started
09. Go 2 Hell
10. Hood Sh*t
11. Im Ill
12. Make It Rain
13. Showtime 001
14. Snap
15. Super Vicious
16. S.w.i.z.z.y.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Taj Mahal - Better than the Original

Download Mixtape Here

02.100 Bars
03.No I Can't Reup
04.By Myself
05.A Million Buck
06.Plenty Money
07.Revolver, Fully, Semi
08.Unwind AKA Roc Boyz
09.Ice Skates
10.I'm Up!
11.Imma Get You!
12.Put My Mask On
13.Death Threats
14.I Lay (All Night)
16.Nothing New
17.35 MM (Made for Film)
19.No Realer
20.NY, NY
21.All I Need is You
22.Real Nigga Rap
23.Outro! (The Ghetto)

Will Smith - Gettin Jiggy With It [So So Def Remix] (feat. Big Pun , R.O.C, & Cam'Ron)

Shoutout to RefinedHype for posting this.

Download Single Here

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Haze - Profiling (feat. Max B)

Free my dude Max B already. They done did him dirty. I could see him being a part of the Dip Reunion if he was out. Them folks don't even realize that my dude aint do it. Max B keep your head up. Come home soon!