Saturday, October 30, 2010

Juelz Santana- Whatcha Need (Feat. Cam'Ron)

Here Is A Rare Dipset Track, Left Off Juelz's First Album!

Download Mp3 Here

Juelz Santana- Santana's World

Download Mixtape Here

01. Look At Me
02. Pop Off
03. Follow My Lead
04. The Truth
05. Whatcha Need
06. The New Slogan
07. Creepin' Through Your Hood
08. Get To Know You
09. Ye-AH
10. On That Block
11. Truest Shit

Thursday, October 28, 2010

S.A.S. - The Connect (feat. Vado)

Galaxy Fly drops this Tuesday.

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Tom Gist - Aston Martin Music (Freestyle)

Downloadable version exclusive to JustDipset!

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40 Cal - B.A.Y.M.H. (feat. JR Writer & Ransom)

A few weeks back a preview of this video leak and I was instantly hyped. I thought to myself there's no way these three dudes are gonna get on a track and not make somethin dope. Well the final product came out today and I was absolutely right. Shoutout to Masar for producing the song as well as, directing and editing the video. I love the overlay effect he used. This song will be on 40 Cal's new mixtape Trigganometry which will be available on iTunes this Tuesday.

40 Cal - Beef At Your Mother's House (f. JR Writer & Ransom)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, & Game - Smack DVD

I had to post some throwback shit for y'all!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cam'Ron- Cha Ching (Feat. Hell Rell)

Who Remembers This Joint??

Download Mp3 Here

DJ Wats - Dipset Mania

Before A-Million was even on the scene DJ Wat's dropped a mixtape by the name of Dipset Mania. Here is that tape. Once again, shoutout to khris8762.

Download Mixtape Here

1.DJ Wats - Intro
2.Cam'ron - Freestyle
3.JR Writer - Freestyle
4.Juelz Santana ft. T.I. - Bug Now
5.Juelz Santana ft. Cam'ron Jim Jones - Money, Cash
6.Jim Jones ft. Juelz Santana Cam'ron - On BET
7.The Diplomats - Interlude
8.Agallah ft. Juelz Santana Jim Jones - Gun Go (remix)
9.Cam'ron ft. Juelz Santana - Dipset, Dipset
10.Un Kasa ft. Ali Vegas - Exclusive
11.Juelz Santana - Ok, Ok
12.Cam'ron - Ugly
13.Cam'ron - Freesytle 2
14.Cam'ron - Nas Beef
15.Cam'ron ft. Juelz Santana - Gangsta Music
16.Cam'ron ft. Black Sopranos - Money Schemes
17.The Diplomats - Purple Haze Break
18.Mr. Reck ft. Prodigy - Bang This
19.Jim Jones - West Side Shit
20.DJ Wats - Piff Stop
21.The Diplomats - Interlude
22.Shiest Bub ft. Un Kasa Jim Jones - Purple City
23.JR Writer ft. Un Kasa Juelz Santana Cam'ron - On Hot.97
24.Juelz Santana - Ladies
25.Monica ft. Juelz Santana - So Gone Remix
26.Mr. Reck - Outro

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vado Buys Slime Flu

Vado's first major release his stores today. All you dipset fans need to go out and cop it cause you can rest assure that its fire. Shock and I were talking and we agreed that its even better than J.R. Writers first album. If your still skeptic you can listen to the album in full here.

Cam'Ron - Oh Baby (feat. Vado)

Vado & Oun-P – Ooh Way Radio Freestyle

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Juelz Santana - Splash Flu

Juelz Santana has been one of those rappers that should've been bigger than he is. Constant pushbacks of albums and shit have held him back from his spot in the Rap Game. He's progressed so much during his career and he only continues to get better. We have no clue when the Born to Lose Built to Win album will ever come out but to hold you over here is our mixtape of our favorite Juelz Santana tracks. Big Big Shoutouts to Shock Da World for putting all these tracks together and doing the mixing.

Download Mixtape Here

01. Intro (Splash flu)
02. Dipset (Santana's Town)
03. Who Am I
04. S.A.N.T.A.N.A
05. Monster Music
06. Right Now
07. The Answer
08. Okay Okay
09. The Secound Coming
10. I Can Feel It
11. Rumble Young Man Rumble
12. In Da Army
13. Hold The Fuck Up
14. You're Gonna Love Me
15. Why
16. Mic Check
17. Santana The Great
18. This Is Me
19. What Up Gangsta Freestyle (Feat. JR Writer)
20. Black Republicans Freestyle (Feat. Lil Wayne)
21. Daddy's Home
22. Jump Jump Jump
23. Hi My Name Is Freestyle
24. My First Single Freestyle
25. Beamer Benz Or Bentley
26. Outro

Friday, October 8, 2010

DJ Whiteowl & DJ Moe Sticky – Dipset Reunion 2

Download Mixtape Here

01.Jr Writer - Dipset Reunion Pt 2 - Intro
02.Dj Moe Sticky Intro
03.Jr Writer - World Premiere
04.Vado Camron - Yall Aint Fuckin With Us
05.Jim Jones Friends
06.Camron Ft Jim Jones - Runaway Freestyle
07.Juelz Santana - Speaking On Kanye West Diss
08.Camron Vado - Freestyle
09.Camron - Get Next To You
11.Vado Camron - Up In Here
12.Jr Writer - Gettin Started
13.Jr Writer - Beat It
14.Hell Rell - Stand Up
15.Hell Rell Jr Writer - Karate Kid
16.40 Cal - My Revenge
17.40 Cal Camron - Face
18.A-Mafia - Run The Streets
19.Juelz Santana Ft Bezel - Good Girls
21.Camron Jim Jones Snoop Dogg - Tall Ya Baby Mom
22.Hit Em Wit A Exclusive
23.Jim Jones - Blow Smoke
24.Hell Rell Ft Freekey Zeekey Sen City - Killa
25.Fred Money - In My Zone
26.Interlude 3
27.Jr Writer Ft Donp Fred Money - 200 Proof
28.Jr Writer - U Cant Play That
29.Moe Sticky - Major Problemz
30.Major Problemz - Freestyle
31.Vado Swizz Beats - Chill Chill
32.Jr Writer - Respect

DJ Whiteowl & DJ Moe Sticky – Dipset Reunion

Download Mixtape Here

01. Dipset Reunion – Intro
02. Vado – Speaks
03. Cam’ron Ft Juelz Santana, Jim Jones & Freeket Zekey – Salute
04. Jim Jones & Cam’ron – Im’a Showout (Dipset Reunion 2K10)
05. Jim Jones & Game – I Am Bitches
06.Vado, Cam’ron & Busta Rhymes – Rubberband Stacks
07. Vado – Quiet Storm 2K10
08. Vado – Freestyle
09. Interlude
10. Vado – Polo (New Single)
11. Www.Whiteowldropthat.Com
12. Cam’ron & Vado – Speaking Tounges
13. Jr Writer – I Been On
14. 40 Cal – U Got Me Fucked Up
15. 40 Cal – I’m Back
16. Jim Jones – I Go Crazy
17. Jim Jones – Shootouts
18. Drop That.Com – Interlude
19. Jim Jones – Get High
20. A-Mafia – The Power
21. Dj Moe Sticky – Harlem (Interlude)
22. Hell Rell & A-Mafia – Who The F%k Is You
23.Hell Rell – Rumors
24. Hell Rell Ft. Stak Bundles – Rapper’s Never Learn
25. Shiest Bub-Z – Sensless World (Official Version)
26. Shiest Bub-Z Ft. B.Way Slim – Star Ryder (Official Version)
27.Vado & Cam’ron – Blaze It Up
28. Cam’ron & Vado – Brick Layers
29. Jim Jones , Lil Kim & Lloyd Banks – Standin’ On Couches
30. Jim Jones & Guci Mane – Im Haunted By Hustlin’
31. Hell Rell – Married 2 The Mob
32.Vado – More Murda
33. Cam’ron & Vado – Come 2 My Block
34. Dipset Reunion – Outro (It’s Official)

Dipset- Gangland 17

Download Mixtape Here

01.camron- wanna get [02:35]
02.jim jones and camron- lets make a toast [04:33]
03.camron feat. avery storm- fairytale [03:53]
04.vado- celebration [04:11]
05.camron feat. vado- we all up in here [03:25]
06.jim jones- lookin like money [01:15]
07.camron- so crazy [00:50]
08.vado- aint a thang to me [04:00]
09.jim jones- we got that (gretzky) [03:17]
10.camron- got me fucked up [02:08]
11.jim jones- go [01:22]
12.hell rell feat jr writer- karate kid [02:41]
13.jim jones and camron- yo baby momma on ya [03:56]
14.juelz santana- city never sleeps [00:31]
15.camron and vado- ayoo [01:57]
16.freekey zekey feat jim jones- gotta body [02:57]
17.vado- usually do [04:11]
18.jim jones- get em live [00:55]
19.camron jim jones juelz santana and vado- salute [04:32]
20.hell rell- standing ovation [02:19]
21.jr writer- boom bye bye [03:07]
22.jim jones- its been a lon time [00:44]
23.camron and vado- spread my wings [03:20]
24.jim jones- light up [02:01]
25.vado- memory lane [01:33]
26.jr writer- good morning [01:41]
27.vado- rose red [00:35]
28.jim jones- opposites of adults [00:41]
29.hell rell- im a walking kilo [02:46]
30.vado- chill [01:03]
31.jim jones- i just cant do this [01:02]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mel Matrix Talks Max B

Max B - Public Domain 3 (Domain Pain)

Download Mixtape Here

1. Paperwork (Jim Jones Crissy Diss)
2. Picture Me Rollin
3. Chase You Home (Feat. Al Pac)
4. Get Low (Feat. Al Pac)
5. We Got Doe (Feat. Al Pac)
6. Uncle
7. Bad Whiskey
8. Chevy Clean
9. Ready To Ryde (Feat. Mack Mustard)
10. The Sunami (Feat Al Pac)
11. City Wit No Hoes Skit
12. Lip Sang (Jim Jones Diss)
13. G’D Up Remix (Feat. Henny Tha Don)
14. Baby I Wonder (730 Dips Diss)
15. Try Me
16. Make It Hot(Freestyle Feat. Nick Ganz)
17. Niggaz Done Started Somethin (Feat. Greene Team Allstars)

Max B - Public Domain 2 (Rise of the Silver Surfer)

Download Mixtape Here

01. Flash Dance
02. Bottom
03. Lump Sums F/ Jim Jones & NOE
04. Hold Em
05. Show Me Some Love
06. Ready To Go
07. Dillinger
08. Screwed
09. Harlem Bomb
10. Thug & Harmony
11. Twilight Zone F/ Noe
12. Come Up
13. Reign
14. 50's of Sour
15. Need A Lil Treat
16. Million Dollar Baby 2
17. Big White Owl
18. De La Soul
19. Drop That Top
20. 95 Bitches F/ Noe
21. Fuck My Cash F/ Mel Matrix
22. Bring Another Ounce F/ Mel Matrix
23. Fuck Dem Hoes Outro

Max B - Public Domain (Million Dollar Baby Radio)

Download Mixtape Here

02.Deez My Streets
04.Situations feat. Stack Bundles & Mel Matrix
05.Baby Baby
06.M.O.B. feat. NOE
07.30 Second Nut
08.38 Pearl
09.Ching Ching feat. Gida
11.Dem Boys
12.Soul Food
13.These Chicks
14.Dick Tonight
15.Freak By Nature feat. Noe
16.Dom P
17.Bang Bang Boogie
18.Ooww Ooww
19.Side Kick
20.Oh Baby
21.Fif In Yo Mouth
23.Credibility feat. Jim Jones

Funk Master Flex Interviews Dipset

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Byrdgang - Members of Byrdgang 2

Download Mixtape Here

01. Jim Jones - M.O.B.? Intro feat. Max B)
02. Stack Bundles - I'm Paid
03. Jim Jones - I Need a Drink (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix)
04. Jim Jones - I'm So Hood (feat. Max B, NOE)
05. Jim Jones - Put In Twork (feat. Max B, NOE)
06. Jim Jones - We Gettin Cheese (feat. Max B)
07. Jim Jones - Byrd Gang (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix)
08. Jim Jones - Pop Bottles (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix)
09. Jim Jones - So Hard (feat. Max B, NOE)
10. Jim Jones - Red Rum (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix)
11. Jim Jones - It's Over (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix)
12. Max B - Clap & Revolve (feat. Mel Matrix, NOE)
13. Jim Jones - Dem Boys (feat. Max B, NOE)
14. Jim Jones - Summer Love (feat. Max B)
15. Jim Jones - Stronger
16. Jim Jones - What goes Around (feat. Max B)
17. Jim Jones - Ridin High (feat. Max B)
18. Max B - Hawaii 5-0 (feat. Styles P, Mel Matrix)
19. Jim Jones - Come Back (feat. NOE, Mel Matrix)
20. Jim Jones - Hoes (feat. Mel Matrix, Max B)
21. Jim Jones - No Love
22. Max B - No Where to Go? (feat. Mel Matrix, NOE)
23. Shoota - Freestyle

Freekey Zekey - Blame it on the Henny

Download Mixtape Here

03.Henney (feat. Max B & Sen)
04.Slow Hill (feat. Jet Lag Ash, Sen & Tito Green)
05.P's & O's (feat. Jet Lag Ash & Tito Green)
06.Snails (feat. Sen)
07.730 Dip Dip (feat. Jet Lag Ash, Sen, & Jim Jones)
08.Tramoaline That Hoe (feat. Sen)
09.Da Kink (feat. Sen, Jet Lag Ash, & Tito Green)
10.Are We Cuttin' (feat. Cam'Ron & Hell Rell)
11.Gimmie Some Lovin (feat. Sen)
13.Wanna Fuck U Girl (feat. Sen)
14.B Wit Out Bass (feat. Lil' Wayne & Jha Jha)
16.Nike Boot 730 Remix (feat. Lil' Wayne & Max B)
17.You Owe (feat. Sen & Jet Lag Ash)
18.Nigga Like Me (feat. Tito Green, Sen, & Jet Lag Ash)
19.Hustler Of The Year (feat. Tito Green)
20.Everybody's Right (feat. Sen, Tito Green, & Jet Lag Ash)
21.Same Bitch (feat. Sen)
22.My Slide (feat. Sen, Tito Green, & Jet Lag Ash)
23.Daddy Back (feat. Cam'Ron & Juelz Santana)
24.Fast Lane (feat. Sen & Tito Green)