Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Freekey Zekey - Blame it on the Henny

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03.Henney (feat. Max B & Sen)
04.Slow Hill (feat. Jet Lag Ash, Sen & Tito Green)
05.P's & O's (feat. Jet Lag Ash & Tito Green)
06.Snails (feat. Sen)
07.730 Dip Dip (feat. Jet Lag Ash, Sen, & Jim Jones)
08.Tramoaline That Hoe (feat. Sen)
09.Da Kink (feat. Sen, Jet Lag Ash, & Tito Green)
10.Are We Cuttin' (feat. Cam'Ron & Hell Rell)
11.Gimmie Some Lovin (feat. Sen)
13.Wanna Fuck U Girl (feat. Sen)
14.B Wit Out Bass (feat. Lil' Wayne & Jha Jha)
16.Nike Boot 730 Remix (feat. Lil' Wayne & Max B)
17.You Owe (feat. Sen & Jet Lag Ash)
18.Nigga Like Me (feat. Tito Green, Sen, & Jet Lag Ash)
19.Hustler Of The Year (feat. Tito Green)
20.Everybody's Right (feat. Sen, Tito Green, & Jet Lag Ash)
21.Same Bitch (feat. Sen)
22.My Slide (feat. Sen, Tito Green, & Jet Lag Ash)
23.Daddy Back (feat. Cam'Ron & Juelz Santana)
24.Fast Lane (feat. Sen & Tito Green)

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