Friday, August 31, 2012

Hynief - Kokrete Reign Intro

Here's a music video to the Intro track off Hyneif's latest mixtape, Konkrete Reign. You can download it here if you haven't heard it yet.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hell Rell - Not Guilty

Download Mixtape Here

02.Ain't Going Back
03.Send Me Them Bands
04.Out of Control
05.So Sophisticated
07.Trap Slow Skit (feat. Deli)
08.Motivate Em
09.Take Over
10.Classy Lady
11.Heard About It
12.Crack Wars (feat. Buck)
13.Trap Slow Skit Pt 2 (feat. Deli)
14.Talk Like a Pimp (feat. Young JB & Noey No Good)
15.Flexin Freestyle
16.Come Down (feat. Trump Turner)
17.Dooms Day (feat. Raw Dogz)
18.Think You Know (feat. Poca)
19.Canada Connection (feat. Doughski)
20.Top Down (feat. Zyn)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hell Rell - Fire & Ice

Huge props for someone sending this my way. You know who you are. Here is to my knowledge Hell Rell's very first mixtape. DJ Sickamore hosts it. This was when him and Luca Brasi of Dipset Taliban were real tight. There's no cover available for this either so I went ahead and made one real quick.

Download Mixtape Here

2.hell rell freestyle
3.hell rell freestyle
4.hi light freestyle
5.hell rell-niggas aint fuckin with rell
6.hi light-gangsta
7.hi light freestyle
8.heel rell ft.tony sunshine-one hell of a guy
9.hell rell-extravaganza
10.hi light freestyle
11.hell rell ft. un kasa-the movement
12.hell rell ft.camron-its ugly
13.hi light frestyle
14.hell rell-you neva neva
15.hi light freestyle
16.hell rell ft.hi light-why wouldnt i
17.hi light freestyle
18.hell rell outro

Cam'Ron - Return of Killa 3.5

Since the 3rd volume was such a success I decided to put out a project of all the extra ish I had that didn't make the cut for the last one. Sorry this took so long (No Regan Era)but I've been busy. Shoutouts to everyone holdin us down. We see you. baby!

Download Mixtape Here

01.Slime Flu Intro (Vado)
02.Sour Life (feat. Vado)
03.Avianne (Hell Rell feat. Sen City & Freekey Zekey)
04.Yea For Hardcore (J. R. Writer, McGruff, A-Mafia & Hell Rell)
05.You Ain't Fuckin' With Me (feat. Busta Rhymes)
06.Ain't A Thang To Me (Vado)
07.We All Up In Here (feat. Vado)
08.Juelz Interlude (Juelz Santana)
09.Nuclear Warheads (J. R. Writer & Hell Rell)
10.And You Don't Stop (feat. Vado)
11.Polo Rmx (Vado feat. Young Dro)
12.I Believe I Could Fly (A-Mafia)
13.Beef At Ya Mothas House (J.R. Writer, Ransom, & 40 Cal)
14.Yo Momma On Ya (feat. Snoop Dogg)
15.Round And Round (Sen City feat. J.R. Writer)
16.Hardtimes (Tom Gist, McGruff, & A-Mafia)
17.Understand (Tom Gist)
18.2050 (A-Mafia)
19.Get Money (Freekey Zekey feat.Sen City & J.R. Writer)
20.Pardon Me (S.A.S.)
21.Best Kept Secret (J.R. Writer)
22.The Crash (Jim Jones)

Cam'Ron - Return of Killa Part 3 (NODJ)

Here's the third installment of the classic Return of Killa series. I spent a real long time gathering these tracks in NODJ. I had a huge pile of tracks (around 30) and I picked the best outta those. If this tape does as well as I hope I'll put out a 3.5 in a week or two. This tape is really dope, I think it's the best yet. Let us know what you think.

Download Mixtape Here

01.Wanna Get
02.Fairytale (feat. Avery Storm & Vado)
03.Follow You On Twitter
04.Toast (feat. Sen City & Jim Jones)
05.Huddy 6 Tribute
06.Salute Remix (feat. Dipset & Vado)
07.Ayoo (feat. Vado & Young Dro)
08.Body Bag (feat Fabolous & Vado)
09.Kilo (feat. Fat Joe & Clipse)
10.Ooh Baby (feat. Vado)
11.Ur Killin Me (feat. Kid Cudi & Vado)
12.Got Me Fucked Up (feat. Yo Gotti)
13.Go Cinderella (feat. Jim Jones & J.R. Writer)
14.Rubberband Stacks (feat. Vado & Busta Rhymes)
15.I'm About Cream (feat. Vado)
16.Shooter (feat. Vado)
17.Gretzky (feat. Jim Jones, Vado, & Yo Gotti)
18.Foreign Exchange (feat. S.A.S.)
19.If Hes A Killer (Freekey Zekey ft. Sen City, Rell & Writer)
20.Harlem (feat. Freekey Zekey, Sen City & Vado)
21.Christmas in Harlem (feat. Kanye West, Jim Jones, & Vado)
22.Outro (DJ Hello Kitty)

Cam'Ron - Return of Killa Pt. 2 [NODJ]

Download Mixtape Here

01 - Cam'Ron - Crime Pays
02 - Cam'Ron - Let's Talk About (feat. Jadakiss)
03 - Cam'Ron - Get It (feat. Ma$e & Da Kid Rossy)
04 - Cam'Ron - Caveman
05 - Cam'Ron - Arab Muzik (Feat. Vado And Byrd Lady)
06 - Cam'Ron - Different Cloth (Feat. Vado)
07 - Cam'Ron - Horror Story (Feat. Vado)
08 - Cam'Ron - Lennox And 7th (Feat. 40 Cal. And Vado)
09 - Cam'Ron - Professional (Feat. Vado And Byrd Lady)
10 - Cam'Ron - We Here Now (Feat. Vado)
11 - Cam'Ron - We In This Thang (Feat. Vado And Yung LA)
12 - Cam'Ron - You The Baddest (Feat. Vado)
13 - Cam'Ron - Cocaine (Feat. Vado)
14 - Cam'Ron - Talk To Them (feat. Vado)
15 - Cam'Ron - Push It (feat. Vado)

Cam'Ron - Return of Killa [NODJ]

Since all the links were down I decided to re-up for yall.

Download Mixtape Here

1.Suga Duga
2.Pass Da Dutchie
3.Daddy's Back (feat. Freekey Zekey & Juelz Santana)
4.Touch My Body [Desert Storm Remix] (feat. Mariah Carey)
5.My Gun Go Off (ft. Hennessi)
6.My Aura (feat. Penz)
7.Let the Beat Build
8.Come See Killa
9.Still the Reason
10.Owe Me (Oh No You Didn't)
11.Where It At (feat. Glasses Malone & Lil Wayne)
12.Bottom of the Pussy Hole
13.Nothing Long [Remix] (feat. S.A.S.)
14.I Hate My Job
15.Cookin Up (Snippet)
16.Used to Get It In Ohio
17.Cookies and Apple Juice

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dipset Byrdgang All Access Killa Season DVD

Shoutout to Slimewave for posting this shit up. It's a classic.