Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cam'Ron - Return of Killa 3.5

Since the 3rd volume was such a success I decided to put out a project of all the extra ish I had that didn't make the cut for the last one. Sorry this took so long (No Regan Era)but I've been busy. Shoutouts to everyone holdin us down. We see you. JustDipset.com baby!

Download Mixtape Here

01.Slime Flu Intro (Vado)
02.Sour Life (feat. Vado)
03.Avianne (Hell Rell feat. Sen City & Freekey Zekey)
04.Yea For Hardcore (J. R. Writer, McGruff, A-Mafia & Hell Rell)
05.You Ain't Fuckin' With Me (feat. Busta Rhymes)
06.Ain't A Thang To Me (Vado)
07.We All Up In Here (feat. Vado)
08.Juelz Interlude (Juelz Santana)
09.Nuclear Warheads (J. R. Writer & Hell Rell)
10.And You Don't Stop (feat. Vado)
11.Polo Rmx (Vado feat. Young Dro)
12.I Believe I Could Fly (A-Mafia)
13.Beef At Ya Mothas House (J.R. Writer, Ransom, & 40 Cal)
14.Yo Momma On Ya (feat. Snoop Dogg)
15.Round And Round (Sen City feat. J.R. Writer)
16.Hardtimes (Tom Gist, McGruff, & A-Mafia)
17.Understand (Tom Gist)
18.2050 (A-Mafia)
19.Get Money (Freekey Zekey feat.Sen City & J.R. Writer)
20.Pardon Me (S.A.S.)
21.Best Kept Secret (J.R. Writer)
22.The Crash (Jim Jones)

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