Monday, July 3, 2023

Cam'Ron - Killa Season 1.5

Here is that Killa Season 1.5. It’s a cd of all the songs that didn’t make the cd. I know that “Keep Runnin” is a mix and that the “Purple Punch freestyle” is pretty old but I could care less because they fit in really good on this cd. Most of these songs are free of DJ’s. If any DJs on songs they don’t ruin it. I made sure before making this. I lost "IBS (Original)" It's also known as "Anyway You Want It." If someone could send that to me it would be nice.

1.Get Em Daddy feat. Hell Rell
2.Its Nothing
3.Your Girl (Remix)
4.Do Your Thing (feat. Nicole Wray)
5.Blew out His Brains (Original) feat. Hell Rell
7.Bird Call (Remix)
8.Ill See You In Your Dreams
9.Purple Punch Freestyle
10.Oh What a Night
11.Touch it or Not (Original) feat. Webbie
12.Fly Boyz feat. Jim Jones
13.Something New (Original) feat. Jaheim
14.Story to Tell feat. Jim Jones & Jaheim
15.Keep Runnin’ feat. Fabolous and Beanie Seigal
16.Hey Ma Part 3 feat. Juelz Santana
17.My Jelousy
18.Story to Tell (Remix)

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  1. Gotta give props for this collection. Good one. Love that rare Cam shit. Didn't know about that Fab/Beanie collab.
    There's a snippet of Anyway you Want It on the Killa Season advance:
    found it on this blog: