Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cam'Ron & Vado - U.N. Files Vol. 1

Bumping this to the top as volume 2 is coming within the hour. Exclusive. Look forward to Vol. 2 out now. Followed by Return of Killa 4 later this summer.

Download Mixtape Here

 01.Titty Attack & Tears (Cam'Ron)
02.Love My Life (Cam'Ron)
 03.Murder 1 (Cam'Ron)
04.Higher Baby
05.Badman (Vado)
06.Ohh Baby
07.Money Money Money (feat. Sen City)
 08.My Side of Town (Cam'Ron)
09.Bricks (Vado)
10.Sweet Thang (feat. Sky-Lyn)
11.Where the Mali At?
12.One Time (Vado)
15.Slimes At (Vado)
16.What Dat Mouth Do (Vado) [Bonus]
17.Fuck You 2K12 (Cam'Ron) [Bonus]

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