Monday, June 27, 2022

Tom Gist - Gistology

Y'all have been begging me for this forever. I had to get word from Gist before posting it though. Here is a EAC of his Gistology mixtape. Included are scans and a ripping log. This is one of Gist's strongest projects yet. He really shows a ton of progression on this one.

01.Up Against The World Intro (Prod. By Tom Gist)
03.Gettin By
04.Extra Grams
05.Waiting For Superman (Prod. By Mu Of Birds To Beats Music)
07.Been Here B4 (Prod. By Mu Of Birds To Beats Music)
08.Bubble (Prod. By Mike Spitz Of Equalyzas)
09.Buggin (Prod. By Dj Of So Real Records)
10.Sweet 16 (Prod. By Tom Gist)
11.Guitar Skit
12.Celebrate (Prod. By E Dot Beats)
13.What The Streets Made Me (Feat. A-Mafia)

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