Friday, April 30, 2010

Rephan- The Machinist (The Best Of Rephan)

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1.S.A.S, Juelz Santanna - U're in Da Army Now
2.Haze - Roadside
3.S.A.S, J.R. Writer - Roll Wid Heat
4.Eurogang - What Do I Do
5.Young Pro - Dis is Pro
6.S.A.S - I've Been Waiting
7.Eurogang - Nowhere 2 Run 2
8.Haze - Roll The Dice
9.Eurogang - Eurogang
10.Bigz - New Dawn
11.S.A.S - Goleo
12.Haze - Story Goes
13.S.A.S, Grafh - Blackhand Eurogang
14.Eurogang - E.U.R.O
15.S.A.S, Nicki Minaj - Hold Me Down
16.Pakman, Mega - Get It In
17.Shak - S.I. Diss
18.S.A.S, Jae Millz - World's Apart
19.Esquire - Got Somer Nerve
20.Ill Mill, S.A.S - Running The Streets
21.S.A.S, Cam'Ron - So Free
22.Eurogang - Mind Da Flow
23.Skepta - Soon As I Wake Up
24.S.A.S - Eurogang Fedayeen
25.Haze, S.A.S - Bad Boys
26.SMS Eurogang - Makin' 'Em Ends
27.S.A.S - Gets To Know
28.Eurogang - The Future

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