Monday, April 12, 2010

Hell Rell - Bull Pen Therapy

Ruger is back!

Download Mixtape Here

1. Intro
2. Angels & Demons
3. Beggin' For Attention
4. Who The fu*k Is You feat. A-Mafia
5. Triumph
6. Coward Wit Power feat. Jadakiss
7. Rappers Never Learn feat. Stack Bundles
8. What Up Kid
9. Things You Do feat. A-Mafia
10. When I Come Thru feat. Gee 5 (of Top Gunnas)
11. Freestyle
12. Sour To Blow
13. Married To The Mob
14. Ride Wit Me
15. Mobbin Music feat. Cash (of Top Gunnas) & Gee 5
16. Spazzing feat. Cash

1 comment:

  1. A solid tape. Nothing mind-blowing, but its a return to form after the awful 'Hard As Hell' and all those other 2009 mixtapes which seemed to include just old tracks.

    First 3 tracks, and the Jada collabo are the strongest imo. Am I the only one who thinks A-Mafia is boring as hell, with a sloppy voice and interchangeable verses?

    Unfortunately, after all the build up, the Top Gunna members sound distonctly below average. I got pretty excited when I heard Mel Matrix was going to pull double duty and be a Top Gunna. He and Ruga would comliment eachother perfectly...hardest out.