Monday, April 19, 2010

Jim & Cam Squash Beef!

It's great to finally see one of the strongest movements in hip hop getting back together! It's about to be a hot summer jam this year. I can see them coming out full force knocking out classic tracks. It will also be interesting to hear a Cam, Jim, Juelz and Vado song. Thats what the streets are waiting for. Let's hope they reach out to Hell Rell and J.R. as well. Cause they been representing the Dips to the fullest.

"Last week I had a conversation with two old friends. But what was remarkable about this wasn’t the fact that they called, or even what we talked about….what really meant something is that, for the first time in over three years, these two guys were calling me together…"

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  1. This is a big occasion now. Jimmy has improved so much. Rich Porter was a real advancement in terms of flow and lyrical content. Jimmy even had a few metaphors in there somewhere. Cam's got his love for writing back with the 2 (outstanding) mixtapes with Vado. Juelz... well, he has his moments, but let's face it, he fell off around the time of 'More Than Music 2'. I long for the hungry young Juelz of 'Oh Boy'/'Diplomatic Immunity' era. Let's hope he steps his game up. As a core three with all the members around them they could really blow this time...