Saturday, May 27, 2023

DukeDaGod Presents: Hell Rell & 40 Cal - Year of the Gun


02.Bad Side
03.Still #1
04.Young, Black And Strapped
05.Good Morning (40 Cal.)
06.The Hardest Out (Hell Hell, Lil’ Flame & Styles P)
07.Warm It Up
08.Big Boys (40 Cal. & Jha Jha)
09.187 (Hell Rell)
10.So What You Sayin
11.Straighten It Out (Hell Rell)
12.40 Cals (40 Cal.)
13.Show Off (Hell Rell)
14.Hostile Takeover
15.Ruga Rell (Hell Rell)
16.Stick ‘Em (40 Cal., Cam’Ron & J.R. Writer)
17.Can’t Lie (Hell Rell)
18.Never (40 Cal. & A-Mafia)
19.Dead Poet Society (40 Cal.)

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