Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fred the Godson & The Heatmakerz - Contraband

This mixtape is a must hear. I re-upped this and tagged it correctly for iTunes and iPods so nobody has an excuse not to listen to it. Fred the Godson is at the top of his game and the production on this is absolutely bonkers.

Download Mixtape Here

01. Alpha
02. Call Me The God
03. Contraband (Feat. Friday October & Papers)
04. The City
05. Tell You Sumn
06. Poetic Justice
07. One Time (Feat. Friday October)
08. Shotgun
09. Gangster Lean (Feat. Tyler Woods)
10. Throw It In The Wind (Feat. Ravaughn)
11. Would’ve Been (Feat. Emilio Rojas)
12. The World Would Keep On
13. Money
14. In The Lights (Feat. Neff & Reef Hustle)
15. Most Beautifullest Thing
16. Ribbon In The Sky
17. Ghetto Boys

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