Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chubbie Baby - .36 Oz (Part 1)

Download Mixtape Here

01Dj Scream Talks Intro
02.36 OZ Intro
03.100 Feat Showtime
04.Hater Mind
05.Ohio Got The Money
06.Here It Go
07.N.B.A Motherfuckers
08.Rolling Freestyle
09.Blake Griffin Feat Showtime
10.Word 2 My Muva Feat Future & Jim Jones
11.Ohio Is Real Freestyle
12.Thank The Plug Feat 2 Chainz & Jim Jones
13.Cop A Rolie Feat Lil King Bandit
14.Bricks Feat Mo Pain
15.Amy Winehouse
16.Yeah I Got Em
17.Dope Boy Hustle Feat Lil King & Bandit White
18.Line Em Up
20.All I Do Is Spend Freestyle
21.36 OZ Outro
22.Dj Scream Talks Outro

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