Wednesday, November 11, 2020

J.R. Writer - The Ethiopian

Here is an 80 Track collection of JR Writer tracks all in mostly NODJ. Some of these appeared on his Writers Block mixtapes other are just random joints. Most of these tracks are from the beginning of his career. Theres most definitely some rare shit you aint heard in a minute on here. I've been meaning to release this to the masses of JustDipset for a minute but was never able to find the right time. I figured today is as good as ever since I'm absolutely not doing anything. Make sure you hit the jump for the long ass tracklisting.

Download Mixtape Here


01.Catch My Breath (Intro)
02.Get Used To This
03.Your Way (Verse)
04.Y'all Aint Ready
05.Look At The Grillz
07.Get By
08.Soul Centric
09.Kill That Noize
11.Through the Wire
12. J.R's Magmum
13.Hot 97 Acapella
14.Neva Eva
15.Push It
16.Dips Dips
17.Jamaican Joint
18.Threes Company
19.Step To My Crew
20.Tough Love
21.Sesame Street Shop
22.Rubberband Man
23.Get Em Girls Part 2
24.License To Kill (Verse)
25.Cake Off
26.We Gonna Get Ya
27.Roll Wit Heat
28.Kay Slay Freestyle
29.I Really Mean It Freestyle
30.Drunk Music
31.Take A Look
32.Da Line Up
33.Twin Towers
34.Me And You
35.I Wanna Be Your LAdy
36.You Don't Know
39.Ice Cream
40.Someone Like You
41.What They Gon' Do
42.1-900 Hustler
43.We Want War
44.I'm Bout To Make History
45.NBA Freestyle
46.It's All Over (Original)
47.How It All Started (Outro)


02.It's All Up To You
03.Who Shot Ya
04.Mack Bitch
05.Hot 97 Pt 1
06.Hot 97 Pt 2
07.Self Service
08.Stop N Go
09.Ruff Ryder Freestyle
10.What Up Gangsta
11.Back On The Scene
12.You Ain't Sayin Nothin
13.Vending (feat. Un Kasa)
14.Bigger Picture
15.Unsolved Mystery
16.Real Life (feat. Don P)
17.Next Generation
18.Smooth As Shit
21.Get Clapped Quick
22.Picture Perfect
23.Watch For The Hook
25.Let's Ride
28.Let Me Know
29.Full Of Love
30.Writers Song
31.Live From New York
32.It's All Over (feat. Bezel)
33.Take It Or Leave It