Tuesday, December 27, 2011

J.R. Writer - Still Standing 3

Meant to post this the day it drop but I got caught up in packing for my trip to Japan. Don't worry though cause I'm back!

Download Mixtape Here

01.Powerfullness Intro (Prod By A6)
03.Thats All (Prod By 2Bandgeeks)
04.100 N The Clip
05.Taliban (Prod By Automatik)
06.Get It On (Prod By A6)
07.Get High (Prod By A6)
08.Im Moving (Prod By Doughboy)
09.Anotha Level Ft Two (Prod By Lex Luger)
10.The Best Flow (Prod By Vic Charlamagne)
11.Dont Concern Me (Prod By Track Official)
12.In My Bag Ft Sen City
13.Niggas Been Wack
14.Front (Prod By A6)
15.What Is It About You Ft Hell Rell (Prod By Lizzy)
16.Dr (Prod By A6)
17.Clear It Out Ft Fred Money (Prod By A6)
18.No Problem (Prod By Lizzy)
19.Bodied That(Prod By A6)
21.Been A Pro (Prod By Brixx)

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