Monday, September 19, 2011

RP Volume 2 - Thundabyrdz Edition

I have no idea who this RP dude is, but take a look at that tracklist...

Download Mixtape Here

01 Intro
02 TBH (Feat. JR Writer & Fred Money)
03 About My Money (Feat. JR Writer & Fred Money)
04 6 Million Ways (Feat. Fred Money)
05 Jeffrey X Skit
06 The One I Like
07 Jackpot (Feat. Fred Money, Don P, Elus)
08 Set it Off (Feat. JR Writer)
09 Thundabyrdz (Feat. Fred Money & JR Writer)
10 Can't Tell Me Nothing (Feat. Fred Money, JR Writer)
11 For You Haters (Feat. Fred Money & JR Writer & Profit)
12 Freestyle Rhyme & Reason
13 Green (Feat. Elus)
14 Don't Cry (Feat. Fred Money)
15 Fuck With Me (Feat. Show Gunna)
16 I'm On It
17 Cake'n (Feat. Fred Money)
18 Skit
19 Work That
20 So Damn Fly (JR Writer & Fred Money)

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