Tuesday, December 14, 2010

JustDBlock & SnoopStop Now Open!

With the huge success of JustDipset and DeathRowTapes I've decided to open up two new blogs. The first blog is SnoopStop. ShockDaWorld came up with the idea and it will feature all of the snoop bootlegs, both old and new. The next site is JustDBlock. ThankMeLater pitched this idea to me a couple months ago but I had already been thinking about it. Like the Snoop blog, it will also feature all the DBlock mixtape cds and bootlegs. Also don't forget to check out Knuckles' new Slaughterhouse blog cleverly titled, JustSlaughter.


JustDBlock | SnoopStop | JustSlaughter

P.S. We're looking for posters for both sites so hit me up on aim: Diddyisbak3000.

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