Friday, August 13, 2010

J.R. Writer- The Write Way

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01.welcome back [02:49]
02.good morning ft. ron brownz [03:31] alive bi*ch [04:40]
04.heart of a warrior ft. jay star and yzark [03:56]
05.we still here ft. fred money and juice [03:46] the top [03:00] aint lo ft. fred money [02:49]
08.pure crack ft. tom gist [02:48]
09.writer money and clips ft. fred money and charlie clips [05:26]
10.street life ft. yf [04:46]
11.get it ft. governor brown [03:06]
12.nbc ft. ai [01:56]
13.gun muzik ft. charlie clips [03:18]
14.who the hell are you [03:21]
15.i been on ft. liason [04:40]
16.cross that bridge ft. jay star [03:36] maxipad [02:30]
18.flamez [02:11]
19.cheese-n-crackers remix ft. ron brownz and charlie clips [03:46] just warming up [05:11]

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