Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DJ Six & Tom Gist - Cry Blood (Hosted By Freekey Zekey)

Download Mixtape Here

1.Lesson One
2.Tom Gist - Cry Blood Intro
3.Quan - Simply Ridin
4.Nino Bless & Joe Budden - Times Are Hard
5.Freekey Zekey Speaks
6.Tom Gist Feat Mahdi - Maybe
7.Penz,Tom Gist & Jay Young - Go In Time
8.Vandetta - Don't Temp Me remix
9.Ransom & Tom Gist - Murder sh*t
10.Tom Gist & Skyzoo - Exclusive
11.Skyzoo - The Neccessary Evil
12.Freekey Zekey Speaks
13.JR Writer - Let It Rain
14.Lesson Two
15.Quan - The Hustle
16.Tom Gist - Memories
17.Hood - Shastimuli
18.Freekey Zekey Speaks
19.Freekey Zekey - The Devil Wants My Soul
20.Tom Gist - I Can Leave Now
21.Tom Gist & Quan - Cry Blood Remix
22.Tom Gist - Cry Blood Outro

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