Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tom Gist - Chapter 1: Street Stories

Tom Gist has always been one of the realest artists ever affiliated with the Dips. He recently put out 2 dope mixtapes with his Gistology and Gistmatic mixtapes. The holy grail of Tom Gist lies in his original mixtapes though. Hard as hell to find on the net here is the first installment of the Tom Gist Chapters. Check out Part II here courtesy of D. Part 3 will be released next Tuesday.

Download Mixtape Here

02.Y'all Know What I Mean
03.DJ Sickamore Freestyle
04.I Got Bars Freestyle
05.Ant Man
06.Stab You Shoot You
07.Whats The Deal
08.Somebodys Girl Freestyle
09.Always Talkin Shit
10.Watcher Freestyle

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