Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Purple City - Bubble Music

Download Mixtape Here

01. Shiest Bubz - Intro
02. Cam'ron - Get'em Daddy
03. Shiest Bubz - Bubz Bubblin' 1 [interlude]
04. Jim Jones - What Is This?
05. Juelz Santana - Here We Go Again
06. Shiest Bubz - Bubz Bubblin' 2
07. Shiest Bubz - Trailblazer
08. Jim Jones - Baby Gurl
09. Un Kasa - Backstabberz
10. A-Mafia - Turn It Up
11. Shiest Bubz - Hustlin' [Just Gangsta]
12. Jim Jones - Harlem
13. Hell Rell - Best Out
14. Hell Rell - My Block Freestyle
15. Un Kasa - Un Kasa Bubblin' [interlude]
16. Juelz Santana - We Don't Give A F*ck
17. A-Mafia - Say Mafia
18. Agallah - Big Boss
19. Shiest Bubz - Bubz Bubblin' 3 [interlude]
20. Hell Rell - Yayo
21. Jim Jones - Pay The Cost
22. Christina Milian - Don't Wanna Lose Your Love [For Real]
23. Young Streets - Amazing
24. Shiest Bubz - Bubz Bubblin' 4 [Interlude]
25. Trey Songz - Life Is What U Make It
26. Ne-Yo - Why Don't Ya
27. Nicole Wray - Hustler's Love
28. Agallah - Strip Club
29. Ying Yang Twins - The Whisper Song [remix]

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tom Gist - Lost Verses: Volume 1

Download Mixtape Here

01.DJ Sweetz Intro
02.The Cleaners
03.RIP Pun
04.Taj Mahal Freestyle
05.Not to Be Fooled
06.Escape Misery
07.Fort Knox Freestyle
08.Back Up
09.TomGist.Com Freestyle
10.Still Spittin
11.Why You Ain't Call Me
12.Your Not Gist
13.Early Lite Ent Freestyle
14.Gunz Come Out Freestyle
15.Mike Hustle Freestyle
16.Conversations w/the Dead
17.DJ Clever Freestyle
18.DJ Fetti Freestyle
19.The Phenom
20.Cash Stacking in Manhattan

A-Mafia - Body Bag (feat. Hell Rell)

Off that Under The Scope mixtape, coming soon..

For All Masters Tom Gist Interview

Shoutout to ForAllMasters for putting me onto this interview.

Monday, January 2, 2012

40 Cal - I Need My Money (feat. JG Wentworth)

I can't believe 40 Cal just sampled the J.G. Wentworth commercials.

40 Cal - Watch the Chrome

Download Mixtape Here

01.Look at urself
02.I need my money
03.Cereal Killer
04.Light it up (ft kat williams)
05.Idk (ft mistah fab & p dubb)
06.Lienell jenkins (ft ru spits)
07.Da bottom
08.Loosin em
09.Love her top
10.Lil nigga theory
11.Get mooga 101 (ft tarik niks)
12.Check da grind (ft su da boss)
13.Let it bang
14.Skeme triumph
15.One more time
16.Skeme pandamonium (ft su da boss & young a$e)
17.In da mood
18.Lolli (ft nikki minaj)
19.What if
20.Regular niggas (ft head ice)

Blitz McBain - McBain Campaign 2

Download Mixtape Here

01.MC2 Renegade Intro (Feat. JR Writer)
03.Haters Wanna Get Me (Feat. Kwiz The Wizard)
04.I Been On Feat. (JR Writer & Liason)
05.The Come Up (Feat. Tom Gist)
06.Bout My Paper (Feat. A.I.)
07.Losing My Mind
08.Remember Me
09.Alone Feat. WrongGuys
10.Drop (Feat. JR Writer)
11.JetLag So High (Feat. Hard Luck)
12.Cut Em Off (Feat. Mitch Littlez)
13.On The Side (Feat. Sam Suave)
15.Love Me