Thursday, May 13, 2010

Freekey Zekey- Gangsta's Ambition

Download Mixtape Here

01 Gangsta's Ambition (Feat. Roc
02 White Boy Wasted (Feat. Tito Green
03 Freestyle
04 I'm Bout What U Bout (Feat. Deniro
05 Live Ya Life
06 Corleone
07 Freekey The Tru Religion
08 Hurt
09 Home Too U Girl (Feat. Verse Simmonds
10 I Wanna Get Freekey
11 East To West (Feat. Eddie P
13 Me
14 Snitch Nigga Bitch Nigga
15 Woo Ooh
16 The Left To The Right (Feat. Tito Green
17 Bone Thugs And Hormony (Feat. Diima
18 Rose, Goose & Henny
19 Joy & Pain
20 Instant Replay
21 Bonus Track Good Dayz

1 comment:

  1. This is actually a great tape. Zeke has improved much faster than Jim ever did. Zeke's flow is more than solid, unique, and he's funny as fuck. By comparison, Jones sounded awkward and was outclassed consistently next to Max B & Stack Bundles, only a few years ago. I'm loving Capo now, who seems to have finally found a natural flow, and is making great, deep hip-hop music, as seen with 'Ghost of Rich Porter',
    maybe one of the best hip-hop mixtapes ever.

    Meanwhile, Zeke, with this mixtape, has shown how far he has come along since 'Book of Ezekiel', and surely deserves some high profile verses opposite his three Diplomat brethren on DI3 (I actually dont think it should be called that, but should be a fresh start, with a new shrewdly marketed name to reintroduce the Set for 2010). Remarkebly, he even made this mixtape great without the help of Sen, who is actually starting to fill that massive Bigavelli void...